We’ve been hearing and reading stories and facts about the life of an escort, but we really did not hear it directly from someone who was part of it. It was in 2007 when Kathleen Mitchell, a prostitute for over two decades, came into sight. She successfully left the sex industry twenty-four years ago. After more than twenty years of working in prostitution, Mitchell’s pimp was finally jailed in that same year. According to Mitchell, she frequently saw her pimp at the same time was her boyfriend assaulted and harassed other escorts. With her experience in prostitution, she affirmed that even though she exited out being an escort, its effects are life-lasting. In addition to this, she also shared that it was her addiction to a man that got her into trouble; the worst kind of drug in the sex business. Prostitution wasn’t about drug addiction. The coming out of Ms. Mitchell was like an eye-opener to the public of what prostitution really is. Mitchell and other former escorts were proofs that the sex business should be banned not just in one county, but for all of Nevada (where all of the former prostitutes were located and prostitution is widespread). According to a psychologist, prostitution is not a profession but it’s a clear abuse to a human’s right, specifically to women. Prostitution — whether it is legalized or not — is both detrimental to women with long lasting consequences such as psychological damages and emotional traumas. In legalized prostitution, escorts experience sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, and most often rape. In fact, there is higher percentage of prostitutes being harassed and assaulted in legalized prostitution compared to those who are not. It does not completely protect women from all forms of abuse such as verbal violence, physical assault, and sexual mistreatment. It does not also prevent women from getting sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, specialists agree that prostituted women never considered it as a free choice. When escorts say they are happy because they are making lots of money, that’s not even true. It’s just the very minute thing of the façade. Women who are prostituted are forced to get into this dirty business due to their fear of being abused even more. Since this truth is hidden from the public, many people do not believe how prostitution is seriously bad for women. Prostitution is much like sex trafficking. Majority of sexy London escorts were once victims of sex trafficking at some point while under the sex industry. It is a very repressive feeling for a prostitute to be in a sexual act, most especially if they are coerced to the situation. According to anti-trafficking advocates, the public do not see the real picture of prostitution. The truth is that women in prostitution are forced to be involved in a sexual act with a total different person, thirty times every day and it is not a “victimless” crime. Most women in prostitution want to leave but could not because they have difficulty in seeking for help. And if women choose to quit, they wind up going through a wide range of disorders both emotionally and physically.

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Ponygirls: Get The Appearance

by Brief From Barry

So you’ve just unearthed ponyplay and you can’t wait to get started with your partner, but along with any kind of fetish, it is advisable to have the proper kit. There’s only so much that can be done with some twisted bedsheets and your guy’s silk work ties.

Ponygirls are normally one of three kinds: dressage ponies who are valued for their elegance and who are decked out with plumes and decorative harnesses, riding ponies that are ridden by the dominant other half, and cart ponies that will pull their dominant (usually in public places) using a sulky – a kind of chair on wheels which links to a harness worn by the pony.

Ponyplay is a surprisingly well-known fetish, and it is well catered for within the sex toy industry. The commonest ponygirl is the dressage version that can be decked out and viewed at the will of the master, so here is the way to get the appearance correct for your ponygirl play with a few essential items.

The harness

No pony can be let to roam wild, can she? That is why you’ll need a harness in order to keep her under control. The greater caliber harness that you purchase, the longer it’ll last for and the easier it will be to wear. The aim of the harness is not to be comfortable per se, however, you want to avoid bad quality materials cutting badly into the sub’s skin and triggering rashes or callouses.

A top quality harness will undoubtedly be worthy of the investiture and is also the key attire for every ponygirl. Choose one which enhances her best physical assets with stainless steel connector rings, should you want to add reigns at a later point.

The bit

Anyone who has taken part in horse riding previously knows that you keep the pony on the track and within check through using a bit. Go with a soft bit which is comfortable enough to wear for lengthy amounts of time and keep them quiet. The theory is that they recognise their inner pony and turn into a pony. What better way to accelerate this process than by eliminating their ability of speech? It helps the sub into the role and also ensures that they feel more at ease with their equestrian characteristics.

The tail

A pony is only a pony when she’s got a tail. There are two forms of tail you can choose between: an attachable tail which secures to a belt or strap which fits around the wearer similar to a g-string, or an insertable pony tail  which is the most popular version because it doubles as a hand held flogger. The insertable tail usually takes the form of an anal plug, and will remain in place once inserted for rigorous pony play in the bedroom.


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January 29, 2013

It’s almost Valentine’s Day again so the shops are quickly filling up. If you find yourself having difficulty coming up with ideas and you are feeling creative, venture from the road of common gifts and treat your partner to a seductive Valentine’s present that can give you countless hours of naughty fun. With pledges of [...]

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January 22, 2013

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Keeping the romance alive in any relationship requires commitment, sincerity and most of all – passion! Nonetheless, when your relationship is a long-distance one, some additional work might be needed to help keep the passion alive. When your other half is working overseas or living the other side of the country, maintaining good communication is [...]

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Realistic Vs Non Realistic Dildos

January 15, 2013

The world of dildos is divided up into two simple categories: you can find realistic dildos which are created from super advanced flesh-like materials and so are specifically designed to appear like a male member…equipped with colours, veining, and in some cases, even hairs. Then, you will find non-realistic dildos. These are phallic in style, [...]

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Butt Plugs For Beginners: Progressing Your Anal Play

December 31, 2012

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Funzone Vulcan Wet Anus

December 18, 2012

Funzone Vulcan Wet Anus Funzone: get adventurous and let loose. Funzone a lively realm of exploration and adventure. First there was Fleshlight Male Masturbation Flash Light device, then there was Tenga Cups. Make way for the new Funzone Vulcan Male Masturbator. Funzone Vulcan Wet Anus is a discreet hand held male masturbation device. In peachy [...]

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I am actually 20 years old and from Russia. I picked my screen name when I first got my webcam and I was 18 years old then. It was actually pretty wild. I had never even had internet access before I bought my first laptop. That computer came with a built in webcam and I [...]

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